Scaffolding Design | Scaffold Design Solutions | 9Design, Hampshire
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We work in close partnership with architects and other professional engineers to help you achieve your design goals.

Our structural design team combines imagination and conceptual thinking with extensive knowledge of practical aspects, such as The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and BS EN 12811 2003 – Scaffolds performance requirements and general design.

Pragmatic Responses

9design uses advanced 2D-3D modelling to design and test scaffold design solutions virtually.

At 9design we equally use structural modelling to make your design the best it can be.

Continual Improvement

By analysing past solutions, and sharing experiences and skills, our design engineers refine their ability to design stable, durable, elegant and economic scaffold designs in all conditions. They also generate new ideas.

To each new challenge – from ambitious long-span structures to innovations in materials – we respond inventively.

Embracing Innovation

By bringing together imagination, ingenuity and technology, 9design are helping to meet our client’s challenges