Scaffold Engineering | Scaffolding Engineering Service | 9Design, Hampshire
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Scaffold Engineering

At 9Design we invest in attracting and developing the most inventive and experienced of engineers. They are proficient in connecting the demands of geometry, materials and loads (gravity, wind,).

Equally, we make sure that our design engineers work closely with clients to stay up to date with industry best practice so that they can innovate in response to real-world challenges and constraints.

Highly Experienced

Our highly experienced and qualified technical design team can undertake a range of complicated and challenging scaffolding design solutions from rail, marine and new build and restoration projects. We have an intimate knowledge of all industry Codes of Practice with all our designs compliant with the latest British and Euro codes documents including TG20:13, BS5975 & BS EN 1991. In addition, our designs are supported by a full risk assessment and in-house design checking processes.

We work closely with contractors and design teams to ensure the best, most economical solution is found for each project, with the ability to respond quickly to tight deadlines and construction variations. Our early involvement in the design process has often led to project cost savings and program efficiencies.